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Firefly Estate

Port Maria, Jamaica

The Estate


Firefly has the most stunning view in the Caribbean. The property’s magical legacy spans centuries and has been both sacred and strategic, prized by all who have lived there – from the island’s indigenous people, the Taino, to the notorious pirate-turned-governor Sir Henry Morgan.

In 1948, celebrated playwright Noël Coward acquired the property, and it stands today as Coward designed it: A modest, modern house with grand history and stunning views. At Firefly, Coward entertained glamorous personalities from movie stars to literary greats and even Britain’s Queen Mum, who famously stopped in for lunch on her 1965 trip to Jamaica.

The Town


Port Maria is a second home to the Oswald family, as it was the first town where they lived when they first moved to Jamaica in 1981 (they later moved to Kingston where they would meet Sonia for the first time). The Oswalds frequently visit Port Maria and still have close family friends in the town. During their trip to Jamaica in March 2017, Andre and Sonia hiked up to Firefly to enjoy the spectacular views.

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